Hello! I have the pleasure to invite you, one year after I started painting, to my first exhibition in Amsterdam at the beginning of this beautiful summer.



Come join me at the exhibition’s opening on the 3rd of May, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon when we will get a chance to discuss my direction in painting and any other curiosities. I have entitled the exhibition “Intense dreams” because painting as a medium has always been close to my heart and because my paintings remind me of surreal places I have visited in my dreams.

The exhibition will be hosted by the amazing Siberie, beautiful location in the heart of Amsterdam. Situated on a quiet canal in the center of the city, Siberie is a place that you must visit for the chill and friendly atmosphere and for the chance to discover international artists as their walls are always full of art. Check out also the sisters de Republiek, de Supermarkt, Espresso and Loft. You can find more information at www.thecoffeeshops.com



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