Infrared photography

During the long last winter, after dreaming about hot summer days for a while, I got myself an infrared filter for my DSLR camera,  this being the filter to shoot with in the middle of a sunny day. It shows a different side of the reality that we see and gives an eerie perspective over the world.

I find it a very interesting photographic experience, as I had to use long exposure times during the day and I learned better the manual focus on my camera. Also, there is an entire journey in the post production, as I’ve discovered. The raw picture can be processed and the tones changed, especially in the red channel.

I fell in love with this technique though and I will post my favourite pictures below. Nevertheless, I am still discovering and playing with this filter and I will be updating the blog post accordingly. I am curious to hear your opinion on this technique and I would appreciate constructive feedback.

IR landscape I (2018)
IR landscape II (2018)
IR landscape III (2018)
IR vodopad/waterfall (2018)
IR landscape IV (2018)

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