Waterfalls and water flowing

This summer I spent quite some time traveling through the Carpathians mountains and I had the chance to practice water photography, especially flowing water … waterfalls and rivers. It is truly beautiful to hike along the river and it is taking you to it’s place of origin, you only need to follow and will be amazed.

High Tatras
High Tatras
Sutovo Vodopad
Toplita thermal waterfall
Toplita thermal waterfall
Cofu river
Cofu river
Cofu river

This summer the weather is weird, in the east it is raining a lot and in The Netherlands and The U.K. there are heatwaves and no rain! The whole time we we’re in Romania, there was always a code, between yellow and red, for heavy rain, storms and flash flooding. But thanks to all of this rain, the waterfalls and the rivers we’re more full and wild.

To be able to take interesting pictures of flowing water I have used a tripod to stabilize my camera for long exposures, to make the water seem milky white and smooth. In plus, to be able to take long exposures during the day I have used a ND filter and in most of the days I am using also a circular polarizer filter.

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