Breite Oak Reservation

Breite Oak Reservation

Breite Oak Reservation visited after Sighisoara, in Sibiu County. I spent a few nights in what is one of the oldest forests of Romania with trees as old as 700 years. This is a secular oak tree forest that has seen a lot of history happening and in the the romanian history the forest plays an important role as shelter and benefactor, it has a special place in myths and poetry. It reminded me of all the war stories and myths and of the romanticism current in poetry and a lot of feelings of love, respect and even adoration prevailed. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same. In 2012, after an open fire in the area got out of control approximately 25% of the secular trees burnt down, it is incredible sad to see trees that lived so many hundreds of years burnt down alive just because of the ignorance of people.

It was july and it was extremely hot and enjoyable, truly beautiful dry summer days with a little breeze in the air, enough to let you breathe plenty and make you feel free. The landscape was surreal. We went through a very thick forest of young trees that didn’t let almost no sun through until, finally, we were out in the sun on the Breite Plateau in this surreal landscape. The smell changed, it was the smell of dry weed and tumbleweed and I was struck by the first secular trees I saw.

I present to you this secular oak forest, a part of it, as I’ve seen and experienced it myself. In this series I have used long exposures with my infrared filter in order to capture the special feeling of static place in history this forest made me feel.

Please enjoy it and let me know if you have any questions regarding my technique or the reservation itself and don’t forget, love the forest!


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